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Voters Problem

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Every­body here wants to see a new gov­ern­ment, with a clean slate. What I’d like to see in a utopian world is that if you own over 50 or 100 mil­lion krónur, you shouldn’t be in pol­i­tics. I thought that the ‘bad guy’ politi­cians were doing what they’re doing because of their phi­los­o­phy and doctrine—following their own pas­sion. But now we know, it’s all about money for these guys. It’s just busi­ness. And it’s easy to pass a law to make more money, but the other par­ties in Ice­land are politi­cians because it’s their call­ing. And when peo­ple are doing some­thing out of pas­sion, and a feel­ing for the greater good—that’s some­thing else com­pletely.”

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