Once Again!

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Ice­land has once again come out ahead of all other Nordic coun­tries in Trans­parency International’s Cor­rup­tion Per­cep­tions Index.

Accord­ing to the data, which cov­ers 168 coun­tries and ranks them from 1 to 168 on a scale of least to most cor­rupt, Ice­land has gone from its pre­vi­ously held spot of 12 to 13. This makes the coun­try more cor­rupt than all other Nordic coun­tries, who ranked amongst the least cor­rupt in the world: Den­mark (1), Fin­land (2), Swe­den (3) and Nor­way (5).

The dis­tinc­tion of Most Cor­rupt Nordic Coun­try was one Ice­land also held last year.

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